I think my child has benefited from having such a positive school experience! I believe her experience at ALC’s preschool is setting the groundwork for her to enjoy being a student for years to come.

Ascension Lutheran is a place with a nurturing environment to foster a love of school. It is a great balance of learning and fun!

I love that children are allowed to be children.

Our two oldest children have attended Ascension Lutheran Preschool for a total of 5 years now and we have loved everything about our experience there. The teachers and staff are friendly, caring, experienced and all around exceptional people that we had complete confidence in to care for our small children. We are looking forward to returning in 2017 when our youngest child is ready for preschool!

I love that my daughter wakes up everyday ASKING to go to “church school!”!!! She comes home singing songs she has learned, and I can tell that she is happy and enjoying herself while at school. Overall, I think the staff creates a very positive and loving tone/environment.