A Reggio Emilia inspired approach to learning is an innovative, sophisticated, and inspiring early childhood educational approach which views children as thoughtful, strong, capable, resilient, and rich with wonder and ways of knowing. Children search out information about the world around them, and their place in the world, through their own investigations.

In group work, children are encouraged to dialogue, critique, compare, negotiate, hypothesize, problem solve, and see progress and movement of ideas. They also develop various perspectives which promote a sense of group membership and uniqueness of self. Identity is examined. Graphic arts become tools for cognitive, linguistic, mathematic, and social development.

Children express their understandings of concepts and hypotheses using various forms of representations which we refer to as languages: print, art, sculpture, construction, drama, music, puppetry, shadow play, among others the whole child is considered in all learning opportunities.

The benefits of this unique, child initiated program are endless and priceless. It is far beyond a traditional preschool program.

Watch the short video below to see Pamela Houk’s poem “IF,” come to life.  This poem demonstrates a nice summation of our educational approach.

If I can ask my own questions,
Try out my ideas,
Experience what is around me,
Share what I find;
If I have plenty of time for
My special pace,
A nourishing space,
Things to transform;
If you’ll be my patient friend,
Trusted guide,
Fellow investigator,
Partner in learning;
Then I will explore the world,
Discover my voice,
And tell you what I know
In a hundred languages. – Pamela Houk

For more information read our feature on The Learning Child.

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