A well rounded child is one who is able to utilize essential life skills and demonstrate emotional and cognitive intelligence (among other intelligences). We work together with you to help enhance each child’s competences in focus and self-control, perspective taking, negotiation, effective communication, the ability to establish meaningful connections, problem solving and risk taking, and self-directed engaged learning. We also ensure each child has met all of the local school district’s Kindergarten readiness skills.  And most importantly, “Everything with Joy!”

Play Based

Our center is full of opportunities for playful inquiries.  Play happens individually, in small groups and in large groups. Children express their understandings of concepts and hypotheses using various forms of representations as they play which we refer to as languages: print, art, sculpture, construction, drama, music, puppetry, shadow play, movement, stories, among others.

Christian Environment

What is a preschool Christian Environment?  It is a warm, nurturing space that is filled with God’s love. It is a place where we are kind and respectful to one another and are constantly thinking about and enhancing our abilities to care. We help each child to learn how care deeply about the Lord, them self, each other, our materials, equipment, our environment, and our community. We also learn about Christian topics through play, stories, puppets, and songs.

Physical Development

Through play and intentional interactions, children’s fine and gross motor abilities are developed. Children progressively strengthen their large muscles and are able to better control their bodies through practicing multiple skills such as jumping, running, skipping, riding tricycles and scooters, climbing and other fun activities. Mastery and development of gross motor skills are the result of brain growth and development and visa versa. Small motor skills, such as those needed for writing legibly are developed through the use of playing with many different manipulatives, puzzle pieces, holding eating utensils, drawing, and stringing beads.

Character Building

Because our pedagogy is based on care, character building is naturally part of our philosophy.  Our teachers strive to build in each child a positive sense of self as the core for emotional wellbeing and motivation for learning.  During our activities, all interactions that are thought to affect the behavior, thoughts, feelings, and actions of the children are viewed as opportunities to build character.  Our teachers model positive behaviors and set examples that teach children through our language and actions. Opportunities for the intentional development of cooperation, courtesy, empathy, forgiveness, generosity, helpfulness, kindness, perseverance, respect, responsibility, self-awareness, self-discipline are structured into our daily routines.  The concepts of love and friendship are also explored as the children build new relationships.