3-5 Year-Olds Program

*Teacher/Student ratio is 1:6-8.

Our 3 to 5-Year-Old Program provides the tools needed to prepare the children for the rigorous Palos Verdes Kindergartens. There is a unique balance in the various, age-appropriate learning activities.

Our students may choose to begin their morning outside in our large sand area, building their muscles, socializing, and releasing energy to prepare them for the start their day; or they may investigate with their peers in our stimulating indoor environment. The students are given freedom and responsibilities during various parts of their day.  Playful inquiry and academics are intertwined throughout all of our programs, along with a variety of activities including music, movement, graphic art, print, sculpture, construction, drama, puppetry, shadow play, and cooking.

We also incorporate Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) throughout our day. In both small and large group work, children are encouraged to dialogue, critique, compare, negotiate, hypothesize, problem solve, and see progress and movement of their own and each other’s ideas. They develop various perspectives which promote a sense of group membership and individual uniqueness.

The 3 to 5-Year-Old Class also focuses on self-identity, self-control, self-expression, social development, emotional intelligence, cognition, and motor skills. In addition, during the course of the year the following learning outcomes will be attained:

  • Gains knowledge by listening
  • Follows two or three step instructions
  • Is beginning to read print in the environment (names, letters, signs, labels, logos)
  • Pretends to be reading by looking at pictures and telling the story
  • Shows appreciation for books and enjoys stories
  • Is curious about words and letter organization (left to right, beginning letter and ending letter)
  • Recognizes basic geometric shapes
  • Identifies colors, size differences
  • Copies simple patterns through matching and imitation
  • Sorts objects by two recognizable attributes (size, color, shape, texture, function)
  • Counts to 50 or higher with emerging one-to-one correspondence
  • Recalls lyrics in a song or words to a poem
  • Demonstrates ability to ask meaningful questions in a group activity
  • Sings and moves to familiar rhymes, songs and chants
  • Modifies behavior for various situations
  • Enters play appropriately
  • Plays in a group and begins to organize activity showing increased cooperative dramatic play
  • Uses objects to represent other objects in play (block as a cell phone)
  • Helps others
  • Verbally expresses personal knowledge
  • Responds appropriately when adults or peers’ initiate interactions
  • Initiates interactions appropriately
  • Expresses empathy
  • Demonstrates ability to resolve conflict
  • Shows awareness of differences and similarities between themselves and others
  • Moves legs, hands and feet in rhythm
  • Can skip, run, jump, throw and catch a ball, and stand on one foot
  • Uses pencil and drawing tools with confidence
  • Writing advances from scribbling to recognizable letters
  • Demonstrates ability to write their own name
  • Recognizes own name in print
  • Uses scissors with control
  • Uses a variety of materials, media, tools and techniques to create and express
  • Is comfortable exploring our environment beyond the classroom
  • Demonstrates increased eagerness to participate in classroom activities, ask questions, makes predictions and hypotheses about their world
  • Uses a variety of tools (measuring tape, magnifying glass, clay tools) to investigate and create
  • Demonstrates ability to persist with a challenge and an investigation over a period of time

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