Summer Fun Week of July 10th

Hi Everyone,

We are really enjoying our summer together thus far!  We hope your child is too. Here is an update on our plans in our Summer Fun Program for the week of July 10th. This week the children will be working with clay, learning about native plants from a local Girl Scout, and planning their butterfly pavilion. Water play on Friday!
Tuesday and Wednesday
In the morning, the children will be getting to know Red Clay, learning about its possibilities.  Clay is such a therapeutic and beneficial medium for children.  They develop fine and gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and thoughtfulness as they work with it.  Some of them may even get their frustrations out while exploring it. The children will find there is so much more they can do with it than play dough.  It can become messy though.  Sometimes it may stain clothing, although we will do our best to prevent this, please dress your child in clothing that you are okay for them to explore it in on these days.
On Wednesday after snack, we will be visited by Meghan, a Girl Scout earning her Gold Award by enhancing our entry way.  She will be planting low water native plants and sharing information with all of us.  She plans to read books about the topic with us by sharing, Nimbly Wimlby and the Great Dry Drought by Kyle Gregory and Little Seeds by Charles Ghigna. Then, we will plant some succulents together.
We will further investigate the Monarch metamorphosis and plan our new butterfly pavilion with the children.  They were very excited to see how quickly the caterpillars grow. We are looking forward to creating a safe place for the creatures, protected from all of the birds and lizards, where the children may observe, discuss, and interact with each part of these changes.
We will have lots of fun playing in the water together, wondering together and discussing the light spectrum that is created by the sun as we spray water from a hose.
It is amazing how much children learn from hands on explorations of the world around them!
As we establish a different type of relationship with the children, based on the time we set aside to explore our new roles and the environment and interesting materials around them, we are beginning to create many various types of learning experiences at each child’s own pace based on the hypotheses that the children have expressed which were aroused by their curiosities.
Each child comes to us with their own unique foundation, varying degrees of knowledge, and ideas.  That is why I am asking for you to bring in a  2 1/2 in Clear View three hole binder like this one:
 Product Details
…so that we have a place to put our documentation of your child’s unique learning experiences and the photos that you see around the school, once they are taken off the walls.  We will create a portfolio of the experiences they have in our school for you to read (and keep)  and for your child to look at to remember his or her own fluid, generative, dynamic curriculum that has emerged and will continue to emerge from his or her interests.
We want to keep you informed on the outcomes of our provocations.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend,

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