2-Year-Old Program

*Teacher/Student ratio is 1:6.

*We support your 2-year-old’s transition from diapers to independence.

We provide loving and intentional learning environments that are designed to help children thrive.  We understand that children construct their own knowledge about themselves and the world around them over time.  We have created a wonderful learning community that integrates the most current research about children and how they learn, with the best practices in early childhood education.  We base our methods on Developmentally Appropriate Practices (DAP) described by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and Early Learning Standards of California’s Department of Education’s.

Our Two-Year-Old Classroom is filled with age appropriate activities including early learning opportunities in science, math, and language arts through fun activities. Our young ones enjoy a variety of sensory activities, exploration, and creative experiences. There is a good balance between the time spent indoors and outside enjoying God’s creations.

Our focus is on self-identity, self-control, social development, emotional intelligence, cognition, and motor skills. As all children learn differently and obtain specific abilities at varying times, we are working toward mastery of the Student Learning Outcomes (SLO) listed below over the course of the year:

  • Separates from parents without difficulty
  • Can independently make activity choices
  • Can express with words rather than with actions
  • Seeks out other children in play
  • Follows two-step directions
  • Displays enthusiasm about doing things for themselves
  • Represents ideas in stories through pictures, dictation and play
  • Uses scribbles and draws unconventional shapes to write
  • Learns to interact with peers, to give and take
  • Approaches new tasks and solves problems through observation, hands-on trial and error, and repetition
  • Is beginning to sort objects based on simple categories
  • Is beginning to count objects
  • Engages in make-believe play and imitates adult roles
  • Climbs up and down playground equipment
  • Demonstrates fine motor development such as beading, opening lids on jars, velcro, zippers, buttons, drawing tool control and use of scissors
  • Shows interest in letters and words
  • Is curious about print in the environment
  • Shows appreciation for books

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